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The celebration of the oceans


One more year we want to celebrate the ocean as a source of essential natural wealth in A Coruña, a city where you can breathe the sea in every corner. Festival Mar de Mares returns with a multidisciplinary activities program that will take place from September 21st to November 27th.

Festival Mar de Mares is a cultural, educational and leisure encounter on celebration and preservation of the sea. In its third edition the festival provides a bigger picture and a stronger commitment to the sea of Galicia. After two years focusing on the beauty and problems of faraway oceans, Mar de Mares 2016 will focus on the nearest coasts with the intention of adding value to its breathtaking landscape. In order to do so, we will show Piel de Mar, exhibition by multi-award winning Galician photographer Xulio Villarino, who will show for the first time his whole work about the sea. We can get deeper in Galician waters  travelling to the depths of the waters  with Jorge Candán, who will show in A Coruña his documentary film El Legado de las Rías Gallegas.

We will also enjoy, among many other things, with the experience and good arts of the Galician net menders, turned into one of the greatest exponents of Galician crafts, on the Enredadas exhibition. And we will have Lucy Gilliam, scientist and activist in support of the seas. In 2011 she launched eXXpedition, a project in which a sailboat, crewed only by women, collects data about the status of waters of the sea and the consequences of pollution on human health. For the first time in Spain, Gilliam will talk about her experience as a woman, navigator and scientist in such an innovative project like eXXpedition.

Our Mercado del Mar (Sea Market) grows and this year we will have a greater representation of Galician entrepreneurs working with sea products with a sustainability criteria, but we also have music, food tastings and recycling activities, because this year we launch a space dedicated to agents working in waste management. Gathered at Isla del Reciclaje (Recycling Island), they will show us a pleasant and participative way of benefiting from garbage and preventing it from ending up in the sea. Gastronomy will again be crucial in the Festival so we will dive into the secrets and variety of Galician sea cuisine, with workshops and food tastings in restaurants and in la Lonja. Sailing is the star sport this year at the Festival, an affordable activity for all that we will have the chance of knowing better thanks to the Sailing Baptism and regatta that will take place in the Bay of A Coruña.

The Festival aims to raise awareness in the care and preservation of the oceans while we have a good time, encouraging citizen participation and individual involvement in order to show that together we can contribute to improving the health of the sea. Activist proposals and educational activities in such varied formats as intertidal visits or workshops in schools are therefore an inescapable part of the Festival. Promoting the historical connection of our city with the sea and its resources, experts in subjects such as art, science, gastronomy, entrepreneurship, education or recycling will meet in A Coruña, through an essential activities program to learn, become aware, enjoy and act in defence of our sea, the sea of all of us.

From September 21st to November 27th, A Coruña will become again the capital of the defence and conservation of the sea world.

Welcome to the third edition of Festival Mar de Mares!



Located northwest in the Iberian Peninsula, A Coruña is an open and cosmopolitan city of about 250,000 inhabitants. It has one of the most important historical ports of Spain, which is also one of the most important economic engines of the urban area. Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, to the excellence of its gastronomy and the rich range for shopping, add a great fishing tradition and a tireless cultural and leisure activity for a variety of publics.

Located in the heart of the Galician Rías Altas, in A Coruña can be found monuments as significant as the Tower of Hercules or the stunning viewpoint of Monte San Pedro. Its seaside promenade, with over 13 kilometers, can claim to be the longest in Europe. And it is not surprising to spot intrepid surfers braving the waves of the beaches of Matadero, Orzán or Riazor, which bathe the side of the city.

Science museums are one of the greatest attractions of educational and exhibitions scene of A Coruña. As in the previous edition, Festival Mar de Mares has chosen two of them, Domus and Aquarium Finisterrae, as venues for much of the festival. Other halls and iconic locations in A Coruña such as the Kiosco Alfonso or the Méndez Núñez Gardens, a peaceful green lung in the center of the city, will continue as venues of this international encounter of preservation of the sea.

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Festival Mar de Mares is organized by Caravan Proyectos de Cultura and Crearte Servizos Culturais and has the support of various public institutions, such as Consellería do Medio Rural e do Mar, but also thrives on private sponsorship. City of A Coruña join this year’s festival with several exhibitions and activities planned for this season.

Caravan Proyectos de Cultura is a cultural management company with professionals with many years of experience in the field. They have designed, produced and managed events such as Ráfagas and Arde la Calle and exhibitions for La Caixa, Caja Madrid, Fundación Novacaixagalicia, City of A Coruña, Region of Madrid, City of Valladolid and City of Cádiz, among many others. For further information visit

Crearte Servizos Culturais specializes in the design and implementation of cultural mediation activities aimed at all publics. They have arrange the activities of countless exhibitions and cultural events for Barrié Foundation, City of A Coruña, the Department of Culture of the Government of Galicia and Novacaixagalicia Foundation, among others. More on

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